Beginning in 2015, we started clearing the ice plant on the west side of the creek at WestCliff, with help from volunteers and the support of the City of Santa Cruz. Landscape architect Richard DeSanto drew some plans and worked with Bill Henry at Groundswell to begin the master plan for plantings. We dubbed this first phase of the project "W x W" because of the cross streets at Woodrow and WestCliff.

2015, removal of pampas grasses

clearing out invasive iceplant, (by hand!), 2016
why? iceplant was introduced along the California coastlines in the 1950's to help contain erosion. We now know that while it's roots are strong, iceplant becomes a breeding ground for rats, who eat the eggs of our seabirds, who nest near the shores. By re-introducing native plants along the coastal regions, we can help restore the biodiversity of the region. See interview, 2012
2017, community planting

Save the Heart of the Circles

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