"Bethany Park", Indiana, was the model for the Christian campground they [the Christian Church leaders] wanted in California. It had a central tabernacle, along with a hotel, restaurant, and cottages for Isaac Errett's 'Christian Standard" publishing office, Christian Women's Board of Missions (CWBM), Young People's Society of Christian Endeavor (YPSCE), plus other cottages. These sat around a large manmade boating pond called Lake Jewel, and a lagoon called Goldfish Lake. Bethany Park gained in popularity when trolley service made it easy to reach, bringing throngs to the festivals and recreations hosted there. 

                                                             exerpted from Ross Gibson's Context Statement booklet

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BETHANY CIRCLE (now Bethany Curve & Dufour St.); & BETHANY CREEK: Bethany was the Biblical place Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead, and the site of Christ's later ascension into heaven. Alexander Campbell named the town of Bethany in what is now WestVirginia, then established Bethany College there in 1840, as the first Disciples of Christ College. In 1884, Dr. David Walk founded "Bethany Park" Christina Campground in Indiana. The Garfield Park creek that runs west of Bethany Circle became "Bethany Creek", and when the circle was stunted into just "Bethany Curve", it was connected to, and replaced Beach Curve along the creek. 

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