Historic Landmark


It is an outstanding example of a structure representative of its era


It is one of the few remaining examples of past architectural style


It is a place or structure associated with an event of persons of historic or cultural significance to the (Jurisdiction),


It is a site of natural or aesthetic interest that is continuing to contribute to the cultural or historical development and heritage of the municipality, county, state or region


The building or structure is an example of an architectural style, or combination of architectural styles, which is representative of the (Jurisdiction) or which is unique to the (Jurisdiction)

City Council Meeting 02/25/20

Reviewing the HPC's ruling to designate the Circle Church as NOT a historic landmark

The city council meeting ended with a vote of 6-0 in favor of the original decision of the Historic Preservation Commission. This deems the Circle Church not a historic landmark.

However, we recieved a lot of support from members of our community, local historians, and even members of the city council. All sharing a desire to want to save the church and the want to recognize it as not only a historic landmark, but a staple and community amenity.

The take away for us- more community members are interested in the historic value of this space, and there is so much more about this land that we have merely scratched the surface of.

The fight is not yet over, it has simply just begun!