Much more than a Church

At its establishment, the state Christian Church Committee signed a memorandum of agreement to establish their state campground at Garfield Park (today's circle church) to be used and forever maintained for the general religious and educational purposes of the denomination. Until now, that promise has been kept.

During it's existence, the Circle Church has worked diligently to make itself an essential part of the larger westside community it had established.

It has shared its grounds with other churches in the area to host larger gatherings, and has extended its building as a host for a myriad of services that have benefited the community.

As of most recently, this has included- self-help programs, AARP driver safety training classes, an autism center, Gray Bears Brown Bag Pick-up, Westside choir, West Creative Performing arts- studio, and much more.

There is a gymnasium on-site that supported basketball, volleyball, badminton, fencing, yoga classes, and a long-time voting precinct.

Neighborhood groups have always been encouraged to make the church their community center.

The courtyard and lawn have been used for festivals, events for religions other than Christianity, parties, flea markets, swap meets, picnics, ice-cream socials, sunday lawn games-- so it is apparent that the church has been utilized for services that extend much further than simply as a church.