Who bought the church?

The (projected) future of the heart of the west side

In November of 2017, Christopher Drury, the owner of the church at the time, was raising money for "Garfield Park Church--phase 2", intending on it being a center that continued to benefit the "Santa Cruz westside community and beyond".

However, in December 2017, Christopher Drury sold the church for 3.3 million to a group calling themselves "The Circle of Friends". Even with this new group- there was still talk of the site remaining a community center.

On November 29, 2018 however, the conversation switched and in a pre-development meeting, the developers met with neighbors to determine the best way to turn the church site into housing for these 12 families.

There was strong sentiment at the loss of the community staple and privatizing the public commons. This was especially disheartening because most of the community did not realize this was happening. In fact, at the beginning those who knew of the changes were informed that it would remain a community space.

While most if not all of us support affordable housing- this housing not only benefits the affluent few, it takes away something special that the whole community had been benefiting from for generations.